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Thoughts before my first race weekend

3 Apr , 2015  

BossDogRearI can’t tell you how excited I am right now. It feels amazing that I am about to have my first race weekend in a car but I also feel nervous. Tomorrow is not only my first time qualifying, it will also be my first time driving the Oulton Park circuit in the dry. Then, I’ll have to actually race in the afternoon for the first time!

Today was the official test day for the weekend. I arrived at a wet Oulton Park to see the wrap that Bossdog graphics had applied to the car. I was blown away. It looked even better in real life than the designs. The weather forecast for the rest of the weekend means that qualifying will be my first experience in the dry at Oulton Park.

damani-marcano-bossdog-graphics-sideI took the first session very easy. I just wanted to get familiar with the car and the track again. In the second session I started to push and felt that my pace was improving. Only 3 laps in, I lost power. I nursed the car back to the pits and we decided to retire from that session. That ended my day a little bit early. We only planned to test for half the day because we wanted to save the car for dry running so we didn’t lose too much track time. Now the team has its work cut out to have the car ready for the morning and my thoughts are on tomorrow.

With the little experience I have in a car, I’m going into the weekend with no expectations treating qualifying and each race like a practice session. At the moment, I feel like I’m learning a lot even just from myself. Each lap I can feel the ways I can improve and I’ve been able to use that in each lap after that. I can also learn a lot from just being on track with the many experienced drivers of the series.

All I can do now is get a good night’s sleep and make sure that I attack tomorrow, putting in 100% effort. After qualifying, I’ll see where I am. Then it’s about progressing and learning as much as I can over the rest of the weekend.


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