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Team HARD confirms backing for 2016

9 Nov , 2015  

Damani Marcano and Team HARD make tracks for a second year!

British Touring Car Championship contenders, Team HARD today announced its continued backing of teenage racing sensation, Damani Marcano, into 2016. One year ago, aged 15, Damani Marcano was the youngest driver ever to be signed to Team HARD in its young driver development programme for the 2015 season. The continuation of Team HARD’s support for Damani into the 2016 season came after Damani delivered well beyond the team’s expectations for his first year.

damani-marcano-smiling-team-hardDamani broke records throughout 2015 in the VAG Trophy where he was the youngest driver to ever compete, the youngest driver to ever qualify on the front row and achieve a fastest-lap in this national saloon car racing series – huge for a driver of just 16. Damani also delivered outstanding performances as the only driver in the fiercely competitive 2015 Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup who is too young to hold a road-driving license. The young racing driver looks forward to breaking many more records in 2016 with Team HARD.

Tony Gilham of Team HARD comments: “Damani is a huge asset to Team HARD, both on and off the track. At just 16 years old, he demonstrates an inspirational work ethic to everything he puts his hand to. His talent on track was underlined by how rapidly he developed with so little track-time. We feel that more track time and experience is crucial to Damani’s future development up the racing ladder. The foundations are laid and we are proud and excited to offer an extension of our support of Damani for 2016”.

On his expectations for 2016 Damani Marcano comments: Team HARD gave me an amazing opportunity in 2015 and I knew that the best way to show how grateful I am was to make the most of it for both me and the team. This year I have had to study for my GCSEs, train hard and learn to drive and race a car. It has been the most challenging and the most amazing experience of my life. I can’t wait for the 2016 season with Team HARD. I’ve grown a lot from my experiences this year and next year I’m going in harder, faster and stronger”.

damani-tony-gilham-snettertonTony Gilham adds: “Damani’s successes in 2015 weren’t just on the track but off the track too. His interactions with the media, his on stage presence as an invited guest at car shows, coverage in newspapers and magazines delivered levels of exposure for the team, our sponsors and his, that were well beyond expectations. Damani proved to everyone what I saw in him – he is the complete package as a driver and it’s our pleasure to continue working with him.”

Team HARD are looking at which series will best develop Damani’s abilities on track this season with a long-term plan to take Damani to the British Touring Car Championships. 2016 will be another crucial step in that direction, building on this years’ experience. Ensuring that Damani gains as much track time and race experience as possible to accelerate his already rapid development is central to Team HARD’s strategy.

The amount of funding that Damani can raise through sponsorship may open up new options as Marcano’s media coverage and on-track talents have attracted interest from brands keen to be involved in his career. With support and experience such as this we can expect yet more rapid development from Marcano in 2016.

Watch an interview with Damani from earlier in 2015 plus other highlights on his YouTube channel here:




Editor’s Notes

Issued on behalf of Damani Marcano by In The Bag PR

For further information please contact Sophie Kermani on 07739 554 794 or email sophie@inthebagpr.co.uk

Damani piloted a fully race prepared VW Golf GTI R Cup Car in the Volkswagen Racing Cup alongside regular proven and experienced racing drivers. Racing in the VW Cup was Damani’s first step on a multi-year programme to eventually race in the British Touring Car Championships (BTCC).

VW Golf GTiR Cup Car: a 260 bhp race-prepared hatch-back capable of speeds of up to 150mph. These cars are based on a road car but stripped of all parts, not essential to racing, and fitted with a safety roll-cage meeting safety regulations of the VW Racing Cup. Additional differences are adjustable racing suspension and racing tyres that increase the amount of grip, and therefore cornering speeds that the car is then capable of.

For more background on Damani, please see: damanimarcano.com/about

You can follow Damani’s journey:

On Twitter (@DKMRacing)

On Facebook (www.facebook.com/DKMRacing)

On YouTube (www.youtube.com/DKMRacingTV)

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