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Meeting Jamal Edwards MBE with HSBC

7 Aug , 2015  

Jamal Edwards MBE talks with Damani Marcano

HSBC recently made a short film (below) with Jamal Edwards MBE creator of SB.TV to promote the “Your Ambition #ispossible” campaign. It showed young people and adults that no matter what their dream, it is possible to achieve it.What I really liked is how HSBC see what they do as a bank as helping people […]


Media Highlights

1.1M Views in Print & Online!

9 May , 2015  


This year has been amazing! We totalled up the print an online coverage I’ve received in the 2015 season and it came to an amazing 1.1 million views! This is great for my sponsors & partners who I mention and thank every time I possibly can! Check out my Coverage Report Here! If your company wants to […]

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