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Performance VW | Edition38 Live Interview

24 Sep , 2015   Video

I was a special guest of Performance VW Magazine at Edition38, talking to VW enthusiasts about my car, the racing that I have been doing and my sponsors. On stage, I was interviewed by Simon of Still Static and it was filmed by Performance VW Magazine. I hope you enjoy it. Make sure you check out […]

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Donington Overtakes VW Racing Cup

15 Sep , 2015   Video

Donington Park was the final race weekend of the Volkswagen Racing Cup. I had my best qualifying for the season of 10th and managed to get into the top-7 on pace. Due to an incident in the first race that sent me down the field, I had a lot of overtaking to do in that race […]

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Spa Overtaking Highlights – Volkswagen Racing Cup

22 Jul , 2015   Video

Driving the legendary Spa Francorchamps was a dream come true! I had never been there before but delivered my best drive up to that point in the season. I had top-10 pace and was able to make my way past quite a few drivers. Press play on the video above to see the highlights.

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My Story: 2 years told in 2 minutes

24 Apr , 2015   Video

Damani Oulton Park by his car

So much has happened in such a short time. This 2 minute video tells my story in 2 minutes. As well as telling my story it is also an invitation to company sponsors to partner with me and for individuals to get behind me. Companies will be most interested to know that I already have print media […]

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First Pro-Sim Experience

12 Apr , 2015   Video

This was my first time on a professional simulator. Since then, I’ve been working with ProSim once per month to learn each new track. They have developed a physics model of my Volkswagen Racing Cup car and it really does feel just like driving my race car. This visit was before they’d developed the model of […]

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Oulton Park Personal Best (40kgs ballast)

10 Apr , 2015   Video

This was my personal best lap in my first race of the Volkswagen Racing Cup. I did about 8 laps in total and this was my best towards the end of the session. These were my first laps in the dry at Oulton Park and the first time I really felt I was starting to […]

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Video Diary: First Track Day

3 Mar , 2015   Video

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This was my first ever track day. I had only driven anything twice before and this was my first time in my Team HARD VW Racing Cup Golf GTiR. Slick racing tyres and a damp track made it slippery. I was determined not to have a huge crash. Luckily I kept it on the track […]

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Back on the simulators

17 Feb , 2015   Video

Another visit to the Ultimate Race Car Experience iRacing based simulators to start learning Oulton Park. I also got in some more heel and toe footwork practice. The day after this I was at Brands Hatch so decided to spend the last part of the day reminding myself of the lines. Special thanks to Ultimate […]

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On board video from my first test-day

2 Feb , 2015   Video

16 year old in VW Golf Brands Hatch BLANK

My first test at Brands Hatch with Team Hard was a success. I will be sharing more information soon. For now here are a couple of laps from my first test-day in the Team HARD Racing Volkswagen Golf GTi R Cup Car. This was my next step towards racing in the VW Racing Cup. We were at Brands Hatch on a general track day. […]

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2014 in 30 Seconds

30 Dec , 2014   Video

2014 has been an amazing year! I’ve had so many incredible experiences. In 2015 I start a new era racing for Team-HARD in the VW Racing Cup. I’ll be documenting my journey here, on DKMRacingTV. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to take the journey with me. Includes footage, used with permission, courtesy of Pro-Active […]

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