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Some 2015 Overtaking Highlights

8 Jan , 2016  

Last year was my first season of car racing. The season only lasts about six months and there was a lot to learn. I didn’t have the budget to do practice/testing in between each weekend so I had to learn pretty much everything within the race weekends themselves. I did get one session on a simulator before each weekend with Pro-Sim which was a huge help!

On the track, I had to learn how to drive a car, use a manual gearbox and clutch control, learn front-wheel drive, learn the aspects of the tracks that didn’t come across on the simulator and somehow be competitive among adults who had driven cars and raced for years. Some drivers had been racing in one way or another for 16 years! As many years as I had been alive!

Second only to winning, there’s nothing more enjoyable than overtaking. In my first season, it was all about learning so nobody expected any race wins from me (although getting fastest-lap in the VAG Trophy showed that I was close at the end of the season). Apart from that race where I got fastest lap, my best moments were overtaking. Here are some of the highlights…


At Oulton Park, in my first race weekend I really didn’t have any expectations. I felt like I was still learning to drive a car! Still, in this first weekend I got my first overtakes. It was a huge buzz! Here is my first of them all…

Some overtakes were harder than others. This next one at Snetterton was quite tricky. I had to get a good exit to get the most from the slip-stream then squeeze him to the side of the track to force him to brake a lot earlier.

As I’m going into the left-hander, the driver is to my left, just out of shot. I had to carry the speed, hold the line through the left to own the line into the right, slowing the car down just enough so I didn’t overshoot the right hander.

This next one at Donington was quite tricky too. I had to almost throw the car into the gap to get the other driver to back-off. I dropped a wheel onto the grass as we avoided each other. It was really close!

In this next one, the driver went defensive. This was going to compromise his exit on the corner so I took a wider line to turn in later and get the switchback.

One of my favourite overtakes was this next one. It was at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium. This was all about being brave on the brakes!

— Damani Marcano (@DKMRacing) December 30, 2015

This was all just feel. There is less grip off the racing line so you normally have to brake sooner if you are on the inside of the overtake. Because I had never overtaken anyone on that exact corner, I just had to ‘feel’ where the best place was to brake.

Updated 28-01-2016
I found these next two recently so thought I would add them to the list. This close racing is what I love. I had to really work for this one!

In this next one at Spa, I got a 2-for-1 deal. I couldn’t get close enough on the first one to make the move just with braking so I positioned the car to claim the inside. The second car I got (almost) for free:

That’s all for now. Watch this space For more overtakes from last season. You can find these clips and more on Twitter. For more driving and other video highlights, check out my YouTube channel here:

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