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Teen Racing Sensation Returns

1 Oct , 2017  

− 18yr old racing driver, Damani Marcano, is back behind the wheel and already causing a stir −

Teen racing driver Damani Marcano is back in the driving seat after a 12-month hiatus from the sport.  The young driver took time out from racing to complete his final year in full-time education and is now looking ahead to the 2018 season.  Damani has already been back out on the track, testing both a Renault Clio Cup Car and a Volkswagen Racing Cup Golf Car, and is assessing his racing options for next year.

clio-rearRacing Driver Damani Marcano comments: “It has been amazing to get back behind the wheel over the past few weeks and I can’t wait for the 2018 racing season. Keeping up with the media work to maintain my sponsorship was a full-time job and was impacting my studies. It was a difficult decision to take time out of racing to finish my last year in school, but it was the right one. Now I feel that I’m coming back stronger and more determined than ever. I need to be because I’m back to square one, raising sponsorship to fund next season. It’s going to be a huge challenge but so far the interest I’ve had from brands and partners has been incredibly positive. I’m really excited to make next season happen and build a solid professional career as a racing driver!”

At just 16, Damani was breaking records with his racing, he was the youngest driver to complete a full season in the Volkswagen Racing Cup, the youngest driver to race in the VAG Trophy, qualify on the front row and gain fastest lap in a VAG Trophy race – competing against much older drivers.

The costs to participate in Motorsports are some of the highest in the sporting sector, with most young drivers entering the sport being fully supported by wealthy families. Damani wasn’t in that position and he and his Dad had to raise the necessary funding via sponsorship and partnership deals.  The incredible social media engagement and media attention that Damani generated to attract the sponsorship he needed, was a full-time job in itself. Trying to maintain this and full-time education simply wasn’t feasible and the young racer took a step back from racing to finish school. Now he’s back, focusing on racing full-time and is creating waves on social media again.

damani-marcano-oulton-park-volkswagen-racing-cup-side-ontrackTeam HARD. Principal Tony Gilham comments: “His ability to engage with the public, the social media, the amount of traffic that he’s generated in such a short period of time is phenomenal.  Within the last few weeks or so he’s begun to engage once again and immediately the traffic is there.  It would be great to get him back out in the car.”

Damani is currently working to attract visionary partners and sponsors to join him on his journey back into racing in the 2018 season.  Brands have the opportunity to access his wide audience and to use his truly inspirational story to engage with their customers, as he battles the financial obstacles that the motorsport industry places on drivers.

Terence Dove, Karting Coach comments: “Damani is a pioneer and an inspiration to any kids told to lower their expectations from life.  Motorsport desperately needs him to succeed.”

To interview Damani or for more information on sponsorship or partner opportunities please get in touch.

Watch Damani’s karting to cars story in this 1min promo:


Editor’s Notes

Issued on behalf of Damani Marcano by In The Bag PR.

For further information please contact Pippa Gibb on 01305 458149 or email

Damani was spotted by Team-HARD. Racing in 2014 and became the youngest driver they had ever signed. Despite being too young to hold a driving license and never having raced a car before he went on to set records in 2015. Aged 16, he became the youngest driver to finish in the points in the first round of a Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup season. He ended the year in the top-7 on pace out of 30 drivers, challenging experienced adult drivers who had spent the season leading the championship. As a guest driver in the VAG Trophy, Damani also became the youngest driver to qualify on the front row and obtain fastest lap in a race. After a one year hiatus, to finish full-time education, Damani is back and focused on creating a professional racing career, against all odds.

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