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I now have some amazing brands backing and supporting me but motorsport is hugely expensive! Despite this amazing support, it is still only a drop in the ocean for what I’ll need to rise up the racing ladder! I will need your support every step of the way to reach the top. Here’s how you can support me…

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Founding Supporters

In the earlier days there were some amazingly generous people who contributed to my first crowd funding campaign. Many might not realise that they have saved me at times when I wasn’t able to race and helped get me get back on track again with their kind contributions! Thank you for seeing my potential and investing in me. I hope I have made you proud.

A special thank you everyone below who supported me when I needed it the most. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am today!

Nick Grant

Pamela Marcano

John Holland

Diane McGill

Ricky Gordon

Jacqueline Rodriguez-Mathurin

Alan R. Wood

ClearVisionInspires (again)


Viv Lacey Johnson

Danno S
(you know who you are)

Pamela Marcano

Tony Morris

Vanessa Downie

Kristin Marcano

Kostas Mamalis

Danny Schuster

Nick Barrett

Tom Stuntair

Monica Danielsen

John Holland

Julie Gardiner

Jacqueline Rodriguez-Mathurin

Neal Rayner

Sharmaine Dickson

Tara Yates

Kam Chovet

Olugbenga Ogunbusola

Alex Ralph

Joe Schmetzer

Jason Hales

Ricky Gordon

Chris Durham

Jan Molak

Jason Gorman

Joe Gbadamosi

Koko Ita

Kingsley Hendrickse

Sharon Davis

Alex Ralph

Chris Shields

Phil Kirkham

Corey Goldberg

Troy Davis

David Morris

Jeff Gilfelt

Robert McMahon

Kristin Marcano (the first!)