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Damani’s journey in his own words:
The Story So Far

Press release from Team HARD Racing:
A Drive to Drive – HARD

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Photo of Damani MarcanoDamani Marcano was born in January 1999. He started in MSA kart racing (the kind of kart racing that forms the basis of a racing drivers career) at 14, much later than most pro-drivers who began as early as aged 8.

In his debut season, with the budget to race only once per month, he achieved 3rd in the Hoddesdon Kart Club Championship at Rye House, where Lewis Hamilton also began.

Just two years later, having leveraged YouTube and other social media to showcase his talents, Damani was discovered by Tony Gilham, racing driver and owner of Team HARD, a racing team with cars in the British Touring Car Championships (BTCC), the Volkswagen Racing Cup and a number of other series.

Damani is the first to be signed to the 2015 Team HARD Young Driver Programme and is the youngest driver ever in the team. The goal: to develop Damani on and off track over the coming years to prepare him for the British Touring Car Championships and beyond.

Damani’s passed his ARDS (car-racing license) test at aged 15 and will obtain his senior racing license after his 16th Birthday. His first race will be in April 2015.

This year will be all about working hard and learning fast! If I am lucky enough to get anywhere near the podium with so many experienced drivers on the track it will be a miracle. My focus is to get experience, lay a foundation for my future and show that I can achieve more than most people expect from a teenager who has never raced a car before.

-Damani Marcano