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“You’re not rich, you’ll never race cars”

8 Mar , 2016   Video

When I told people in kart racing that I wanted to be a professional racing driver, people (who will remain nameless) would say things like… “You’re not rich, you need money to get anywhere in motorsport. You’re not going to be a professional racing driver.” I didn’t listen. There was no way I’d have the […]

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Pro-Sim Evolution Review

26 Jan , 2016   Video

While I was at the Autosport Show 2016, I caught up with my driving coach, Adrian Quaife-Hobbs of Pro-Sim. Each month, I visit Pro-Sim to learn my next track and develop my skills. Pro-Sim have created a simulator just like the one at their HQ but designed to fit in a racing driver’s home or […]

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Some 2015 Overtaking Highlights

8 Jan , 2016  


Last year was my first season of car racing. The season only lasts about six months and there was a lot to learn. I didn’t have the budget to do practice/testing in between each weekend so I had to learn pretty much everything within the race weekends themselves. I did get one session on a simulator before […]

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Merry Christmas Everyone!!

25 Dec , 2015   Video

Merry Christmas and thank you all for the most amazing year! A special thank you to Tony Gilham & Team HARD. Racing, Team HARD VIP, RiverGlide, The Clever Baggers, Boss Dog Graphics, Pro-Sim, Integra Sports Partners, PUMA motorsport, King Apparel and all the brands that have joined with me this year. A huge thank you to everyone who […]

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Tatler Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

4 Oct , 2015   Video

In the summer, I was part of a shoot with Tatler magazine for a feature on inspirational teens. This clip shows a little of what was happening behind the scenes. The feature was in the annual Teen Tatler pull-out in the November 2015 issue of Tatler Magazine. Press play on the video above to watch the […]

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As seen on Channel 4 & Motors TV

30 Sep , 2015   Video

This is an interview that was shown on Motors TV and Channel 4 as part of the Volkswagen Racing Cup coverage. I’ve added in a driving clip so that you can see some of my driving too. I shared this because I thought it would be a good way for you to get to know me […]

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Media Highlights,Video Highlights

Performance VW | Edition38 Live Interview

24 Sep , 2015   Video

I was a special guest of Performance VW Magazine at Edition38, talking to VW enthusiasts about my car, the racing that I have been doing and my sponsors. On stage, I was interviewed by Simon of Still Static and it was filmed by Performance VW Magazine. I hope you enjoy it. Make sure you check out […]

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Donington Overtakes VW Racing Cup

15 Sep , 2015   Video

Donington Park was the final race weekend of the Volkswagen Racing Cup. I had my best qualifying for the season of 10th and managed to get into the top-7 on pace. Due to an incident in the first race that sent me down the field, I had a lot of overtaking to do in that race […]

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Spa Overtaking Highlights – Volkswagen Racing Cup

22 Jul , 2015   Video

Driving the legendary Spa Francorchamps was a dream come true! I had never been there before but delivered my best drive up to that point in the season. I had top-10 pace and was able to make my way past quite a few drivers. Press play on the video above to see the highlights.

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My Story: 2 years told in 2 minutes

24 Apr , 2015   Video

Damani Oulton Park by his car

So much has happened in such a short time. This 2 minute video tells my story in 2 minutes. As well as telling my story it is also an invitation to company sponsors to partner with me and for individuals to get behind me. Companies will be most interested to know that I already have print media […]

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