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“You’re not rich, you’ll never race cars”

8 Mar , 2016   Video

When I told people in kart racing that I wanted to be a professional racing driver, people (who will remain nameless) would say things like…

“You’re not rich, you need money to get anywhere in motorsport. You’re not going to be a professional racing driver.”

I didn’t listen. There was no way I’d have the money to move up in kart racing, it is massively expensive. This also meant I was not going to get anywhere near car racing either. It’s weird, you have to pay your way high enough to start getting paid. It’s like starting a business. In motorsport you normally need to have a lot of money to spend to start with.

That wasn’t an option for me so I used social media to build a brand and within 2 years, I was noticed. Team HARD spotted me, looked into my racing and the next thing I knew I was being sponsored to race in cars.

Now I have financial backing from Team HARD, The Clever Baggers, RiverGlide and several other companies give services to support me on my journey. I still have a long way to go but it feels like anything is possible.

This is just the start of my story.

Soundtrack: The Nameless by Elliot Berger
Used under a Creative Commons License

Also contains footage courtesy of, and featuring the voice of, Chris Hartley.



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