Media Highlights

The Telegraph Interview

30 Nov , 2015  


One evening I was interviewed by Gareth May, writer for the Telegraph Men, lifestyle section of the famous newspaper’s website. It was an amazing interview and it made me think a lot. It was released on the Telegraph’s website on 30th November 2015. “He also holds the record for being the youngest driver to complete […]

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Damani's Blog

Write the next chapter in my story

28 Sep , 2015  


- My next record attempt can only happen with your support – If you have only just found out about me, I am 16 and a racing driver from Hertfordshire. I was the only driver in the 2015 Volkswagen Racing Cup too young to have a road driving licence. Until 6 months ago I had never raced […]

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News & Press Releases

Youngest Driver to take fastest-lap in VAG Trophy!

22 Sep , 2015  


‒ 16 year old Damani Marcano sets new records against experienced racing drivers – Damani Marcano wows the crowd once again in the VAG Trophy at Donington with fastest lap in the final race of the weekend. During an impressive qualifying round Damani was placed on the front row in second, out-qualifying experienced and highly […]

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Video Highlights

First Pro-Sim Experience

12 Apr , 2015   Video

This was my first time on a professional simulator. Since then, I’ve been working with ProSim once per month to learn each new track. They have developed a physics model of my Volkswagen Racing Cup car and it really does feel just like driving my race car. This visit was before they’d developed the model of […]

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