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28 Sep , 2015  

- My next record attempt can only happen with your support -

If you have only just found out about me, I am 16 and a racing driver from Hertfordshire. I was the only driver in the 2015 Volkswagen Racing Cup too young to have a road driving licence. Until 6 months ago I had never raced a car before. 3 months ago I was still classed as a novice racing driver by the Motor Sports Association. Here is a short interview with me so you can get to know me a bit better…


Recently I was a guest driver in the VAG Trophy. I became the youngest driver to qualify on the front row and the youngest to achieve fastest-lap in a race. Again I was the only driver too young to hold a driving license and the youngest they’d ever had in the series. This wasn’t easy because there were some top drivers racing, some from the British Touring Car Championships.

One Last Chance to Set New Records

On the 24th October at Oulton Park, the track I had my first race at 6 months ago, there is one last chance for me to set some new records. Possibilities include the youngest driver to qualify on pole and youngest to finish on the podium in the VAG Trophy. This is the last race day of the season and the last while I am still 16.

This is only possible with you behind me

I have the potential to do this. Last time, starting on the front row in 2nd my race ended early due to an incident on track. Because I did not finish the previous race I had to start at the back in the final race. I went from 22nd to 9th in just 6 racing laps (because two were behind a safety car).  Unfortunately my racing budget is already spent and there is only one way I can make this one last record attempt: with the support of companies or even individuals.

Individuals can offer their support, any amount large or small, on gofundme.com/DKMRacing

Several companies have already seen my potential. Team HARDThe Clever Baggers, RiverGlide and  Wakaleo Consulting have all invested in getting me to this point and remain involved… There is still more funding required.

But what do companies get in return? The sky is the limit, it all depends on what you can invest. No matter how much you invest you’ll be a part of the coverage (and I am very lucky to get quite a lot of coverage – 2M views in print & online media plus 1M impressions on Twitter this year).

Benefits for Companies and Brands

Your investment will make this record attempt possible and you could receive (subject to level of investment):

  • PR, press, media coverage (see past coverage & media highlights)
  • A Corporate Social Responsibility story to engage with your customers – supporting a determined teenager reaching for his dream
  • Passes to the VAG Trophy hosted by the GT Cup at Oulton Park 24th October 2015
  • A visit from me to meet your team and talk to them about what it’s like as a 16 year old racing driver*
  • An exclusive track day at Brands Hatch for your company where your staff get instruction in driving race-cars like mine
  • Your branding on the car, visible to spectators and across social media
  • Social Media Coverage (last month I received 139,000 impressions on Twitter alone!)

* UK mainland only

You’re probably wondering, “16 years old, seriously? Can this kid even drive?”
I will let you decide.


What do I need?

The things I need to cover are:

Some repairs: £1000 – £2000 <- Thanks Wakaleo Consulting and RiverGlide!

Racing costs for the weekend: £2500

Tyres: 4x Hankook Ventus 240/640/R18 C52 Competition use (approx. £1000 including delivery & fitting)

Want some ideas on how this could work for you?

Are you a Car or Motorsport Insurance Company? 
Just think, I’m old enough to drive on the road in the new year and there are lots of things we can do together to highlight that speed is only for trained drivers on a track, not for the road.  The content generated by this story could last well into next year!

Are you a Tyre Fitter or Tyre Mail Order Company?
Supply or fund the tyres or cover the cost of the tyres with the team and you are on board! You will be able to say that you helped a 16 year old set new records and it would only have been possible with the tyres supplied by you!

Nothing to do with cars or Motor-Sport? There’s Always a Connection…
You don’t have to have anything to do with motor-sport or cars. My amazing backers, The Clever Baggers, create reusable, bio-degradable bags of all shapes and sizes. They supply everyone from huge supermarkets to small arts & crafts creators. Together we have a partnership and I work hard to promote them. It might not just be me but they have seen an 11% increase in sales since our partnership started. You could join them too. Still not sure…

Get in touch now, and we’ll build a story around you.

Curious about how I got here? Check out this 2 minute clip of my story…


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