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obp Motorsport Partnership

7 Mar , 2016  

Damani Marcano - obp Motorsport featured

MEDIA INFORMATION 7th March 2016 obp Motorsport partner with Damani Marcano – Motorsport and performance road-car parts manufacturer joins with teen racer – Damani Marcano and obp Motorsport are excited to announce a new partnership in 2016. obp Motorsport are to boost Marcano’s performance with its performance parts designed for track and road use. Damani’s […]

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News & Press Releases sign for second season!

2 Mar , 2016  


MEDIA INFORMATION 2nd March 2016 Continue Support of Teen Racing Sensation – Powerful social media marketing-campaign platform backs Damani Marcano – Damani Marcano and BeeLiked are excited to announce a second year of partnership. BeeLiked support Damani with its innovative and powerful social media marketing-campaigns platform, recently seen powering Damani’s latest social media competition […]

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Ace Cafe 2016 Car Reveal

26 Feb , 2016  


MEDIA INFORMATION 24th February 2016 Damani Marcano launches stunning 2016 Volkswagen Race Car at Ace Café London − Ace Café London hosted launch of Marcano’s new 2016 race car with host of Volkswagen fans − The iconic Ace Café London played host to Team HARD racing driver, Damani Marcano’s unveiling of his all new 2016 […]

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2016 VAG Trophy & VW Racing Cup

1 Feb , 2016  


MARCANO SPEEDS INTO 2016 IN VW-DOUBLE − Youngest driver ever to race in the VAG Trophy to return for a full season in 2016 − Teenage racing driver Damani Marcano is excited to announce that he will be competing in a full season of the 2016 VAG Trophy in addition to his return to the Milltek […]

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Damani's Vlog,Video Highlights

Pro-Sim Evolution Review

26 Jan , 2016   Video

While I was at the Autosport Show 2016, I caught up with my driving coach, Adrian Quaife-Hobbs of Pro-Sim. Each month, I visit Pro-Sim to learn my next track and develop my skills. Pro-Sim have created a simulator just like the one at their HQ but designed to fit in a racing driver’s home or […]

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2016 Race Car Launch at Ace Cafe London

22 Jan , 2016  


MEDIA ALERT: Damani Marcano to Launch 2016 Volkswagen Race Car at Ace Cafe London − Ace Cafe London to host launch of teen racing driver’s new 2016 race car  − Team HARD racing driver Damani Marcano will launch his all new 2016 Team HARD Racing Volkswagen Golf race car, with livery designed by BossDog Graphics, at the […]

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Marcano bags major sponsor

8 Jan , 2016  


MEDIA INFORMATION The Clever Baggers become “Title Sponsor” of teenage racing protégé Damani Marcano At 16 years old Damani Marcano was the youngest driver to have ever completed a full season of the Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup. Now, having just turned 17, Damani is teaming up once again with The Clever Baggers as he […]

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Media Highlights

King Apparel Streetwear in Black Beauty & Hair

8 Jan , 2016  


News of my partnership with streetwear brand King Apparel made it into Black Beauty & Hair, a magazine with a circulation of 19,000. “The partnership sees Damani follow in the footsteps of film and music celebrities who have worked with the brand – including film star and music artist Plan B and grime-scene rap star […]

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Damani's Blog,Damani's Vlog,Video Highlights

Some 2015 Overtaking Highlights

8 Jan , 2016  


Last year was my first season of car racing. The season only lasts about six months and there was a lot to learn. I didn’t have the budget to do practice/testing in between each weekend so I had to learn pretty much everything within the race weekends themselves. I did get one session on a simulator before […]

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Damani's Vlog,Video Highlights

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

25 Dec , 2015   Video

Merry Christmas and thank you all for the most amazing year! A special thank you to Tony Gilham & Team HARD. Racing, Team HARD VIP, RiverGlide, The Clever Baggers, Boss Dog Graphics, Pro-Sim, Integra Sports Partners, PUMA motorsport, King Apparel and all the brands that have joined with me this year. A huge thank you to everyone who […]

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