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BBC F1 Gossip: Marcano, Volkswagen…

26 Apr , 2015  


After the Daily Star on Sunday published an article about me racing in the Volkswagen Racing Cup, the story was included in BBC Sport’s F1 Gossip page right next to an article about the possibility of Volkswagen entering Formula 1. What a co-incidence! Hopefully this will be a sign of things to come one day!  

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Daily Star on Sunday: Damani inspired by Lewis

26 Apr , 2015  


The Daily Star on Sunday interviewed me and came to my school to take photos. We talked about a lot of things but the main thing that stood out for them was how I was inspired by Lewis Hamilton. This is a great piece of coverage! I would not say “I’ll be the new Lew” […]

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Official Lewis Hamilton – Team LH Feature

30 Nov , 2014  


Lewis Hamilton’s management company (at the time) contacted me and asked if I would provide them with some footage for their Team LH series. This short clip was filmed by @ChrisMcCarthy32 and his team and was edited by Lewis Hamilton’s TeamLH team. View it now on Instagram.   Meet Damani Marcano – a talented young #TeamLH driver […]

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