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Drive a VW Cup Race Car like this!

9 Aug , 2015  


Working with Team HARD, Damani is putting together track-day driving experiences for you! Drive a race car just like Damani’s at Brands Hatch! corporate or individual bookings are welcome. Sign-up for your exclusive invitation here: Want to know what it looks like behind the wheel of a fully race prepared Volkswagen Golf? Check out […]

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Video Highlights

Spa Overtaking Highlights – Volkswagen Racing Cup

22 Jul , 2015   Video

Driving the legendary Spa Francorchamps was a dream come true! I had never been there before but delivered my best drive up to that point in the season. I had top-10 pace and was able to make my way past quite a few drivers. Press play on the video above to see the highlights.

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Top 10 at Spa Francorchamps

18 Jul , 2015  


‒ Damani Marcano achieves 10th at Spa Francorchamps after only 3 months of racing cars ‒ 16 year old school boy racing driver, Damani Marcano, finished 10th this weekend in his first ever race abroad at Spa Francorchamps.  Competing in the highly competitive VW Racing Cup, Marcano excelled in leaps and bounds, placing in the top-ten for […]

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Ham&High Sport: Silverstone 2015

5 Jul , 2015  


The 16-year-old racer, who lives in Muswell Hill, is the youngest driver in the competition – he is too young to even hold a road driving licence – and he was on the track at the home of the British Grand Prix for the first time. You can read the story online here.

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Herts Mercury Sport: Getting to Spa

5 Jul , 2015  


This article tells the story of my Volkswagen Racing Cup Silverstone race weekend and how I needed one more signature on my racing license upgrade card to qualify for Spa after racing at Silverstone. “This was some of the best racing I’ve had in anything, ever! It really was an amazing feeling to be getting faster […]

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Volkswagen Racing Cup News: Silverstone

5 Jul , 2015  

VWRacingCup Silverstone Featured

An “Impressive performance” “This weekend offered a fantastic opportunity for us to see Damani’s raw talent behind the wheel and ability to make rapid progress over a full race weekend. Damani fought hard to maintain his position and passed drivers with much more driving experience than him. It was very impressive to see Damani hold […]

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News & Press Releases

Impressive Performance at Silverstone

2 Jun , 2015  


16yr old racing protégé delivers impressive performance at silverstone ‒ Damani Marcano completes his first full race weekend in the Volkswagen Racing Cup with impressive results ‒ 16 year old schoolboy racer Damani Marcano completed his first full race weekend at Silverstone over the 29th to 31st May in his Team HARD VW Golf GTiR […]

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Media Highlights

Karting Magazine: Karts to Cars

15 May , 2015  


Karting magazine asked me to say what it’s like moving from karts to racing cars in the Volkswagen Racing Cup. They picked out the parts they thought readers would like to know about and published it in this one-page story. “It was a lot of work! On the weekends I wasn’t racing, I went to […]

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Damani's Blog

Rockingham Race Report

6 May , 2015  


After a difficult weekend at Oulton Park, a month of coursework and the start of my GCSE exams, Rockingham was going to be my first time in the car for a month. I am very pleased with how well I did during the weekend, even though the technical issues with the car continued. With virtually no […]

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BBC F1 Gossip: Marcano, Volkswagen…

26 Apr , 2015  


After the Daily Star on Sunday published an article about me racing in the Volkswagen Racing Cup, the story was included in BBC Sport’s F1 Gossip page right next to an article about the possibility of Volkswagen entering Formula 1. What a co-incidence! Hopefully this will be a sign of things to come one day!  

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