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Karting Magazine: Karts to Cars

15 May , 2015  


Karting magazine asked me to say what it’s like moving from karts to racing cars in the Volkswagen Racing Cup. They picked out the parts they thought readers would like to know about and published it in this one-page story. “It was a lot of work! On the weekends I wasn’t racing, I went to […]

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Kent Sports News – Making Progress

5 Feb , 2015  


On my first day in the car, Chris Dicketts of Kent Sports News interviewed me at lunch time just before I was about to go out on my first solo sessions. Thank you Chris for the support. You can read the article here: Marcano making progress

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Damani's Blog

Hope for (future) desperate karting dads

17 Jan , 2015  

Damani Karting

Yesterday Reuters shared an article by Alan Baldwin called Karting gives hope to desperate dads. …costs at the top level have escalated to the point where some parents are reportedly spending six figure sums annually to ensure their 13 or 14-year-olds get the best equipment, opportunities and testing. I have written about this before. The Reuters article […]


Damani's Blog

My Lessons from Karting

30 Dec , 2014  


Next year I will be racing in the VW Racing Cup. I know! I’ll be driving a VW Golf GTiR Cup Car!! 250bhp under my right foot. That’s more than 10 times the power I’m used to in a kart. Karting teaches you a lot about racing. Most people think it’s just the race craft […]


Damani's Blog

The Story So Far

30 Dec , 2014  


I was born in Hertfordshire in 1999 and spent my earliest years trying to find out what it was that I loved to do. I tried everything that people said I should try. I loved cars and motor racing, I had a crazy collection of cars and loved Scalextric. Even this  didn’t make anyone think […]

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Meeting Anthony Hamilton – Herts Mercury

18 Jun , 2014  

Anthony Hamilton Newspaper

It was a real pleasure to meet Anthony Hamilton. We bumped into him randomly at a kart track and got talking. He was really nice and down to earth and took some time to tell me a bit about what it took to get his son, Lewis Hamilton, to F1. You can read the article on […]

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